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Sony VAIO J Series

"Though the default spec is still very high standard. It can be stretched even further with Blu-ray capability"
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The Sony J Series has a lot in common with the the L11 model of All-in-Ones. They also follow the Sony tradition of looking incredibly handsome and thoroughly minimalist.

All-In-One PC’s have the appearance of just being a monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse in front of them. Impressively these displays have all the components necessary to power a fully functioning PC neatly tucked behind a large 21.5 inch touch screen.

The J Series is mainly designed for multimedia and home entertainment purposes, it is powerful and , thanks to the new touchscreen technology, real fun to use.

What we like best

It is a power conscious home system, meaning smaller bills for the family. At bare bones when idle it consumes a mere 25W, which is outstanding in comparison to other PC’s.

The J Series is fully upgradable, though the default spec is still very high standard. It can be stretched even further with Blu-ray capability and the processor can be bumped to the latest Intel i7 models, which combined with the available software makes for a truly exceptional computing experience.

The Sony Gallery can be used in sync with the touch screen and is a joy, offering a really effective way of storing and accessing media files. Videos, photos and music can be easily browsed through on the screen which boasts vivid and crisp colours in high definition.

Audio files are also played in very high quality, especially since the speakers are not visible from a standard user position. The J Series can admirably produce a good enough sound to fill a room with music or provide an excellent movie viewing experience.

What we like least

The J Series lacks distinguishing features, though its accessories are high end in usability and quality there is little that pushes the boundaries for what we a have already seen with all-in-ones.

Sony may be tinkering with old designs but they are still better then you’ll find elsewhere.

The major two faults found with the J Series is that the fan system does not run as quietly as we would like, and the keyboard and mouse run on batteries, which is a shame because you’d expect such an economical machine to have some form of USB charge as seen with the PS3.

The verdict

All-In-One PCs with touchscreens are still quite novel, and though they are fun to use, the J-series caters for serious computer use as suggested by the powerful processing capability alongside the impressive memory and storage drives. It isn’t outstanding technologically, but certainly comes first amongst other All-In-One PCs.

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Processor Speed

2.26 GHz


Intel Core i3 -i7


Up to 8 Gb Max DDR3/1066MHz RAM

Screen Size

21.5 inch
Touchscreen Full HD LCD


NVIDIA GeForce 310M

Hard Drive Storage

Up to 1 Tb Hard Drive




Multimedia Card Reader
One Memory Stick PRO
DVD-Blu-Ray Drive
Headphone jack
Microphone jack
Webcam integrated


1 x Ethernet Connection
4 x USB 2.0
ILINK Connection

Weight & Size

185mm (W) x 525mm (H) x 398mm (D)



Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium

Product Description

John Hillman takes a look at the Sony Nextep Concept Computer Bracelet, a prototype that promises to revolutionise how we access our IT.

At PC Site we’re always on the hunt for products capable of pushing computers to the next level, which is why we find the Sony Nextep Concept Computer Bracelet so intriguing.

We’ve long been aware that advances in OLED technology, currently being pioneered in the Far East, hold the key to a future digital experience that’ll make the iPad look positively pedestrian.

However until now we’ve not seen a major technology company deliver a concept that makes full use of OLED’s considerable possibilities. Sony has changed the game.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode; a screen made up of films of organic compounds which, when mixed with electricity, generate their own light source.

At just 100 – 500 nanometres thick, about 200 times thinner than a human hair, OLED screens are capable of being paper-thin objects of beauty. Yet Sony is aiming for more than just aesthetics with its Nextep concept.

The Sony Nextep Concept Computer Bracelet will consist of a holographically projected screen and pull-out keyboard panels, giving you the power of a smartphone or PC on your wrist, complete with tablet functions and full Internet access.

Sound a bit far-fetched? Sony seems convinced by the technology and is already well ahead of other PC manufacturers when it comes to OLED thanks to its television business; a more common area of OLED development.

Indeed, Sony expects that its Nextep Concept Computer Bracelets will soon be as common as iPhones, possibly within 10 years. I for one can’t wait to get one.

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