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Samsung Series 7 Slate

". The Samsung Series 7 Slate compiles new technology with some top notch specs"
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One of the first tablets to be optimised for Windows 8, expect it to be lighting fast and efficient. The Samsung Series 7 Slate comes with a keyboard attachment, essentially transforming it in to a PC, we see this as the reason for the eyebrow raising price tag.

You may be torn between the Series 7 and the Series 5, if mobility is really what you’re after then the Series 5 is really what you’re looking for. That comes with an Atom based processor, which offers less processing power than the Intel i5 core installed in the Series 7.

What we like best

The Series 7 Slate offers an incredible level of performance, with a dual core second generation Intel i5 processor and a 64 Gb storage it’s safe to say that spec-wise this tablet is simply superior to the other tablets that have come before it. Solid-state drives are excellent for lightning fast boot times, if you are on the go then quick access to your tablet is all you really require.

Samsung have also incorporated a stylus in to the Series 7 Slates design. This offers slightly more nimble use. You’ll be able make physical notes rather than awkward touch screen typing, which definitely has its critics. The stylus has been built by Wacom so you’ll be able to upgrade for extra functionality or replace any losses quite easily. The new Windows 8 operating system is built with mobile and touch screen technology in design, Samsung have also stated that there will be apps built for stylus use too.

We’ve seen tablets that have PC functionality before with Asus’ Eee Pad Transformer Prime. If you’re torn between replacing your laptop and getting a tablet then this is the perfect compromise. You don’t get quite the same performance as a full desktop but if your work doesn’t require a great deal of CPU strength then a transformer tablet is a very good alternative.

What we like least

This is a very thin tablet that stocks a lot of power, so there is a problem with the cooling of the Samsung Series 7 Slate. The fan runs pretty much all the time and it does get a bit hot – not so it’s hard to hold, but noticeable warmth is a bit disconcerting nevertheless.

We also didn’t like the lack of ‘palm-rejection’ on the touch screen; if you’re a bit of a sloppy writer then the ball of your hand may wreak havoc with your note taking.
The price does seem extravagant but remember you’re buying a system with the latest operating system, the newest generation of storage and a better processor than you’re liable to find on most other tablets.

The verdict

Overall you are getting good value for your money, there’s a lot of excitement about Windows 8, there’s bound to be a few small hitches with any new operating system, from our experience of the previews it’s a pretty cool system. The Samsung Series 7 Slate compiles new technology with some top notch specs – a very impressive tablet all in all.

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Processor Speed

1.60 GHz


Intel Core i5


4 Gb

Screen Size

11.6 inch


Intel HD Graphics 3000

Hard Drive Storage

64 Gb SSD




2.0 MP Webcam


Dock port
Sim slot
1 x USB 2.0 full size
Audion in/out

Weight & Size

(W) 12.9 mm


Bluetooth V3.0

Operating System

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium

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