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Norton Internet Security

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Norton Internet Security is basically the midrange package, sitting between Norton 360 and Norton Antivirus. It comes with a good comprehensive suite of tools to keep your pc safe when browsing online, but it lacks some of the automatic back-up and restore features found on Norton 360.

Norton has pulled off a great reinvention of itself in recent years by developing new versions of its software that manage to stay light on your system but maintain robust antivirus protection, which could not be said of them a few years ago.

What we like best

Internet Security sn’t packed full of new features, it just does what it’s always done a lot better than before. From a smooth and quick installation of around a minute to a much better user interface IS is a satisfying piece of software to use.

Norton makes use of its millions of global users to crowd-source known problems; it then checks them against your system giving a red flag warning against any of your programmes that may have been downloaded from a risky location.

The User Interface is much simpler and uses recognisable mobile app like icons to give you options for tasks such as accessing Norton’s online resources – this makes the whole user process much more straight forward for those of you without a great deal of computing experience. Furthermore it does this without opening your Internet browser which is a much more convenient system than previous Norton programs.

You get Online Family which gives you advanced parental controls, and something called Norton Power Eraser that is tough enough to remove any fake antivirus programs or other malicious software. In fact Norton Internet Security really is one of the strongest products on the market when it comes to detection and removal.

It has something called SONAR that monitors your system for any software on it that behaves suspiciously and will instinctively react and deal with the problem.

Another very useful feature on IS is that it will scan Facebook links for any signs of malware. With more and more people being invited to follow shortened URLS by friends these days it is a very useful tool indeed.

Other cool features include a bootable recovery tool that works on DVD, CD and USB, which is excellent for netbook users and you’ll find links to lots of very useful how to guides on the user interface for when you decide its time to start playing with more complex and deeper settings.

What we liked least

Norton Internet Security s a very good antivirus choice but it will still slow down your boot-up and shut-down times, however this is measured in seconds not minutes. You might also find that it impairs on your multi-tasking speeds from time to time.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 300 MHz for XP or 1 GHz for other OS\'
  • 256 Gb
  • 300 Mb hard disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD


Norton Protection system
Norton Management
Safe web for Facebook
Network defense layer
Threat-removal layer
Pulse updates
Download Insight 2.0

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