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Dell Inspiron 620/620s Desktop

"A lot of hardware for a modest price - Dell Inspiron desktops are excellent value! "
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The Dell Inspiron 620 desktop is available in two formats the 620 and 620s, which is 39% slimmer.

Dell’s Inspiron line is angled towards home computing, but it’s more than capable of handling most workloads. It’s powerful and well-made, and prices start just at under £350 – very good value for this much hardware

What we like

This desktop is available in five different colours to brighten up your office, but if your decor is discrete then classic black is always an option. Both the 620 and 620s have a glossy front and rounded edges, a subtle feature but anyone who has ever whacked their shin on a desktop will certainly appreciate it – thanks Dell!

The Dell Inspiron 620 offers a lot of upgrades, which, when compiled would make it a very expensive system. But depending on what you require, you can get the right specs tailoring this computer to your needs. For instance, you can bump up the hard drive to 1.5 Tb if you have a lot of home videos and media files. If you have a gamer in your house, the high spec NVIDIA GeForce graphics card will be ideal. This system can also be custom made for those of you out for entertainment – you can purchase the 620 with Blu-ray Disc drive, a hefty 3.30 GHz second generation Intel processor with your choice of screen, speakers and sound card.

It’s also very easy to sync up this system to other devices in the office or at home. You’ll be able to make the most of the Blu-ray player by hooking it up to the television for big screen viewing and of course it’s very simple to share media files between household laptops and desktops. Using Dell Stage software the games, music, videos and photos that matter most are kept just a click away and are accessible to other housebound computers of your choice.

What we like least

As an all round system, the Dell Inspiron 620 desktop cannot be faulted: it looks good and, if you customise it right, will perform all your necessaries. As a home computer it is shy on outstanding features (not counting the price) – you’ll find no USB 3.0 or 3D capability here, and unfortunately there’s no Bluetooth connectivity either.

The verdict

You’d have to have absurd expectations to be disappointed with the Dell Inspiron 620/620s. You pay for what you get with this computer, but part of the charm of such desktops is that they’re ever ready for a bit of home improvement if you find yourself requiring a better sound or graphics card. This computer would make a great asset to the family home and the small form factor could be of great assistance to the young professional a bit short on space.

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Processor Speed

2.9 GHz


up to Intel Core i5-2310


6 Gb


Intel HD
AMD Radeon HD 6450
NVIDIA GeForce GT 530

Hard Drive Storage

1500 Gb


Integrated 5.1 hd audio


8 x USB 2.0
8-in-1 Media Card reader
1 x Microphone jack
1 x Headphone jack
1 x VGA
1 x HDMI

Weight & Size

175.9mm (W) x 375.3mm (H) x 442.2mm (D)
7.9 Kg
Slim Tower:
106mm (W) x 377.9mm (H) x 433.1mm (D)
7.3 Kg



Operating System

Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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