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The great tech divide: Is the internet just for men?

Wed, August 8th 2012

The great tech divide: Is the internet just for men?
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Who is making the most of computers in the Digital Age? IT is still considered a male dominated area, but as you’ve seen above, womankind is no stranger to computers.

Most people who work in digital publishing will tell you of the importance social media in this day and age, and as the more sociable of the two sexes, you would kind of expect women to be taking the lion’s share of online access.

Men tend to use computers for more individual purposes like streaming sports and computer games. We see in the infographic that from an early age, the fairer sex has had a greater contribution to the online community via blogs and social platforms. The spotty basement dwelling fellas do their bit, but it cannot be denied a lot of them are dismissed as the trolls that they are, or they’re just so niche they’re barely legible to the everyman. They still claim a greater online territory to their female counterparts.

The scales aren’t weighted too much in favour of men; the main difference is, in all likelihood, that women just have better things to do.

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