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The Team

Introducing the diverse team of writers, designers and developers behind PC Site UK.

  • John Hillman

    John Hillman

    Content team

    John Hillman is the editor of PC Site and a writer/journalist who spends his days researching and writing about new technology, cybercrime and social media.

    Educated in London in both journalism and history, John is responsible for the editorial direction of the news, blogs and reviews that you read on PC Site. He has an almost limitless appetite for the very latest news and opinions on technological developments around the world.

    When away from work and his Sony Vaio laptop, John enjoys foreign travel and good food.

  • Cat Kempsell

    Cat Kempsell

    Graphic Designer

    Cat is PC Site's chief designer and therefore is responsible for making the site beautiful, simple, appealing and logical. All at once.

    She weaved her way to London with five years of design experience which had begun in her home city of Edinburgh. Along the way she had designed for print, display, digital and — on even one occasion — the side of a London bus.

    When wrenched away from her Mac, Cat is most likely to be found in one of London's art galleries, museums or pubs.

  • Matthias Scherer

    Matthias Scherer

    Content team

    Matthias is a journalist and writer covering the latest news in technology as well as reviewing new computer products for PC Site. After studying journalism and economics in London, Matthias worked in radio and as a music writer for various publications in the UK and Germany, covering everything from politics and music to online publishing and social media. He is a self-diagnosed internet addict, but wrestles himself away from the computer to read books by angry young men, put on punk or rap records and watch Seinfeld.

  • Jamil Beerahee

    Jamil Beerahee

    Back End Developer

    Jamil is the back end developer for PC Site, in charge of maintaining all our databases.

    He studied computer science in London, specialising in PHP and MySQL. He revamped many websites in his time and is a whizz with CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla. His least favourite part of programming is debugging.

    Aside from being an excellent programmer, Jamil is a football fanatic, an Internet junkie and enjoys eating foreign cuisine — especially food dishes containing a whole lot of chilli.

  • Damien Wilson

    Damien Wilson

    Front End Developer

    Damien Wilson is the front end developer behind PC Site. He has been working as a developer for eight years, during which he has developed a modus operandi that the rest of the team describe as 'the zone' – good luck trying to talk to him while he's building new pages or a next generation app!

    Outside of coding, Damien likes his music: he wiped the floor with the rest of the team at a karaoke event a few months ago and is often heard jamming on his trusty acoustic guitar.

  • Karim Beerahee

    Karim Beerahee

    Content team

  • Andrew Harkness

    Andrew Harkness

    Management team

  • Sri Sharma

    Sri Sharma

    Management team


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