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Best Samsung laptops

Samsung have been popularised as an entertainment company through their widescreen televisions and sound systems. For laptops they do offer a good range of affordable business laptops and it’s always safe to turn to them if you are after a multimedia computer.

The hottest Samsung laptops available in 2012

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Samsung RV511

The RV511 is a good representative laptop for the Samsung brand. It is firmly built and capable of withstanding knocks and bumps. At an affordable price, this laptop comes with a decent selection of core components as well as looking good to boot. The Samsung RV511 is svelte enough for you to take to work with you, but judging by the spacious screen and respectable graphics chipset we see it more as an entertainment laptop to be made the most of at home.

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Samsung Series 9

A 13 inch ultrabook, the Samsung Series 9 is the king of portability; it’s so thin the edges almost look sharp. This is a viable alternative to Apple’s MacBook Air. You’ll notice a lot of similarities in design and it can have similarly configured storage and processors without costing as much as its pomacious cousin. This is a comfortable laptop to use with full sized chiclet-style keyboard and a spacious touchpad. As Samsung’s first foray in to the ultrabook market we have to say that they’ve done very well.

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Samsung Series 7 Chronos

The laptops in Samsung’s Series 7 are the latest and greatest they have to offer. The Chronos model is targeted towards professionals and it offers uncompromising power, portability and, frankly, a ludicrously large memory. If you need another reason to choose this laptop the price tag ain’t half bad either. It comes in a sophisticated gun-metal grey, with texturing to keep it fingerprint-free. It’s also light enough to carry to work with ease. You can buy this laptop with an 8-cell battery so working on the commute will not be a problem.

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£293.00 £299.99 £699.99

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook (Wi-Fi)

Still a relatively new technology, the Chromebook is reliant on the Cloud. It also makes use of Google’s ChromeOS as a user interface making it a very web friendly computer. It’s ideal for researchers and people who need to store a lot of data but don’t want their computer to slow down. The Samsung Chromebook has recently been updated to make use of Intel’s 3rd generation processors, allowing it to be lightning fast and they have integrated a little bit of SSD storage so that some files can be saved to the computer.

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£1399.99 £1499.99

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

Gaming laptops are normally constructed to display their raw power but Samsung have taken a different angle. The Series 7 Gamer is elegantly built and it’s closely related to the Chronos in build, but boasts a larger 17.3 inch screen. As a gaming machine it also stocks a heftier graphics card and is capable of 3D gaming. The thing that caught our eye was its keyboard, with subtle multi-coloured backlighting it looks like something taken off of a spaceship. This is the one to turn to if you like to game with a bit of style.

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