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Best business laptops 2012

The best business laptops of 2012 combining high performance and mobility. These laptops have been hand-picked for their unmatched sophistication and capacity to enable you to get the job done.

Best business laptop deals 2012

Todays best deals

£449.99 £559.00

HP Pavilion dm4-2101ea

Don’t let its name fool you this laptop only came out recently. One of the more affordable business laptops currently on the market, HP’s dm4 caters for all needs. it is, for all intents and purposes, an ‘all-rounder’ by this we mean it has the mobility, graphical/processor capacity and multimedia options to keep anyone happy. This is an unassuming machine, which has a quiet sophistication; it’s about being able to work quickly and effectively with any form of computing. An excellent purchase if you don’t want to break the bank but demand quality performance.

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Todays best deals


Dell XPS 13

A high end machine from Dell. This is an ultraportable which is razor thin and as powerful as a desktop computer. For business purposes it is swish, the Dell XPS 13 has an aluminium body and feels as solid as a MacBook Pro. This ultrabook has an impressive set of core components, the like of which you only find on the very best of laptops. With a second generation Intel i7 processor and 256 Gb SSD storage the Dell XPS 13 is lighting quick and would make an admirable tool for any businessman.

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Toshiba Satellite R850

Because you cannot list business laptops without having a Toshiba thrown in to the mix somewhere. The Toshiba Satellite Pro R850 is not a particularly portable laptop but for easy yet high end functionality at a reasonable price you really do need to look no further. Though it doesn’t have the very best of components currently available this laptop will suit the needs of most businesses in an effective ‘no nonsense’ business beast.

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Samsung Series 9

A favourite of ours, the Samsung Series 9 is one of the hottest ultrabooks yet released. In a business capacity this laptop essentially has the lot. A full HD screen, it is light and portable and has enough processing power to pull off an intensive workload relatively trouble free. The Samsung Series 9 has one of the highly sought after USB 3.0 for rapid data transfer, Bluetooth 4.0 and a solid state drive to keep your memory safe from knocks and bumps even whilst you’re on the go.

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Lenovo ThinkPad W520

One of the more pricey business laptops we have on the sight. But we assure you it’s well worth it. You’ll struggle to find a more effective machine; The Lenovo ThinkPad W520 has a whopping 32 Gb RAM, that’s more powerful than a standard desktop machine. Considering that this is a relatively portable laptop you have a hell of a lot of power at your fingertips. It sports the classic ThinhkPad design which has been the sponsor of boardrooms time immemorial so you need have no fear that this laptop won’t be taken seriously by colleagues or clients.

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